Decor Dare: Mix Turquoise, Yellow and Coal

We all know the classic combos: beige meets ivory, brown makes a good team with orange and black and white with a pop of red is always IN. Let’s turn the (occasionally boring) page and discover brand new and fresh color combos for a young and hip space. On the list today: turquoise, yellow and coal grey!


Wherever you want to create a fresh, cool space that will always look happy, positive and fun!


1. Start from the big items / surfaces and work your way to the smaller ones. Since turquoise and yellow are our stars, think wall paint and a big and cozy couch in these fun nuances!

2. Add an extra touch of color to avoid the ‘matchy-matchy’ effect, but make it count: a vibrant fuchsia or a hot purple in small, yet noticeable quantities. And don’t try to resist to the forever trendy black & white!

3. Tone down the space with our coal color – save the wooden pieces of furniture for the grey tone to calm down our explosive color blast.


Browns and earth tones aren’t our friends in this space, as our chosen hues come from the less raw and more modern spectrum.

Have fun in your new space!

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