Upscale Bohemian – How to Look Posh, Yet Still Boho

If the old boho look looks, well, slightly too ‘unkempt’ for your tastes, here’s a simple chic thought: Upgrade it! Here’s your top 4 to-do-things:

1. Center your outfit around a loose bohemian top with detailed and colorful prints.

2. Pick one of the many colors of the blouse and opt for a loose, V-shaped pair of pents in the same hue.

3. Accentuate the granola vibe with a posh version of a chunky necklace with loads of pretty stones.

4. Finish your look with platforms – go for a more ‘rustic-rough’ version of the platform to match your theme!

3 thoughts on “Upscale Bohemian – How to Look Posh, Yet Still Boho”

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