8 Rattan Chair Options Under $200

rattan chair decor

A rattan chair is a standout piece – regardless if you’re setting up your entryway, making over your living room or adding chic accents to the nursery or playroom.

As one of the most in vogue materials of the moment, rattan is everywhere – from rustic, handcrafted shelves to the big names (hi, Ikea’s uber-popular rattan picks!) to baskets, lightning and everything in between.

If you’re on a mission to give your space a makeover, a statement piece is, quite often, all it takes. And if anything from modern-Scandi style to boho-rustic is what you’re after, then a rattan chair should definitely be on your shopping agenda.

FUN FACT: Few know that rattan is a vine-like plant that is part of the palm family, which grows naturally in rainforests, where it can reach 185 meters in length. Click To Tweet

Are rattan chairs comfortable?

A rattan chair can be surprisingly comfortable. For extra comfort and coziness, opt for additional cushioning. Next, layer it up with throws for extra texture and comfort. Most rattan chairs on the market were handcrafted to support and embrace the human body.

Can rattan chairs be outside?

Rattan is a natural material, which makes it a great option for outdoor furniture. However, leaving your rattan chair outside from season to season might reduce its longevity, as well as alter its original pristine look.

What is the difference between rattan and wicker?

Rattan and wicker often refer to the same thing – but while wicker describes the method used (the woven construction), rattan refers to the material used in the design.

FUN FACT: The global trade involving rattan is worth $4 billion. Click To Tweet

A Rattan Chair for Every Space (and Budget)

What to pick, from a sea of rattan dinner chairs, stools and armchairs, often accompanied by surprisingly high price tags? Fact is, rattan is not cheap – and that is a direct result of the manufacturing process, that requires time, attention to detail and craftsmanship. But no worries, we’re all for guarding your budget – and we’ve already done the work for you. From fairytale-like nursery chairs to the minimalist rattan chair of your dreams, here are our top 8 best picks under $200.

rattan chair
  1. Ultimate Versatility: Livia Natural Lounge Chair
    This chair is the epitome of a rattan chair. With its versatile look, it can fit anywhere, from your hallway to your dinner table to your laundry room – yes, laundry rooms need some love too!
  2. Scandinavian Lines: ULRIKSBERG Rattan Chair
    If you’re looking for comfort and clean, sleek lines, embrace the Scandi look fully. And this Ikea chair with black accents makes the perfect pick for a cozy patio that needs extra seating.
  3. A Whimsical Nursery: Vintage Kids Baby Nursery Rattan Rainbow Chair
    Not your typical playroom pick, but unexpectedly charming. Create a fairytale-like space with this nursery chair, designed for your little one’s desk.
  4. Interlocked Silhouette: Barbet Rattan Papasan Chair
    The perfect pick for that corner that looks pretty bare: a rattan chair in an interlocked circles design, perfect for layering with your favorite throws.
  5. The Minimalist’s Pick: Lily Rattan Arm Chair
    Super sleek and streamlined in rattan? YES! This ultra-finished chair looks so polished that it could work in any space, even those that aren’t slightly boho, shabby or casual even.
  6. Effortlessly Rustic: Tisbury Rattan Armchair
    If you’re looking for something sturdier, with that natural, organic feel and in a warmer tone, this rattan armchair is a great pick for a patio that needs some love.
  7. Barn Style Vibes: Malou Dining Chair
    A two-tone chair makes a great pick for an outdoor space where you’re matching up different finishes and woods – and this one from Article is the perfect blend between comfy and chic.
  8. Extra Comfort: BUSKBO Rattan Chair
    Cushion up with this extra cozy chair in a light wood tone. Perfect for a modern living-room, this pick makes great extra seating that’s not only good-looking, but also inviting.

5 Styling Ideas on How to Use a Rattan Chair

  1. Create a cozy reading nook using a statement rattan chair, soft cushions, baskets and lighting in the same natural tones and an accent wall in a fun natural color or print.
  2. Add 2 rattan chairs at your dinner table for mish-mash look that’s effortlessly chic (yet secretly put-together). Pair the chairs with a rustic bench or play up the eclectic mood by mixing different chairs in different materials.
  3. Elevate your office space by forgoing the classic desk chair for a comfortable, supportive rattan chair that adds texture, warmth and a natural feel to an otherwise stark room.
  4. Add an accent kids rattan chair to the playroom or nursery instead of the expected plastic chairs for little ones for a more finished, upgraded look.
  5. Give your entryway a makeover with a rattan chair, perfect for putting on your shoes before heading out. Layer it up with a cushion and choose wicker baskets for all your entryway essentials for a cohesive look.

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