Shopping Time: Lace Umbrellas

“Umbrella” may not be the right term here, considering that we are about to go shopping for some items made of lace (hardly water-proof) – these cute and romantic little thingies are perfectly stylish lace parasols (with one small exception that imitates lace).

To help you find top umbrellas at affordable prices and get you out of trouble during these super hot summer days, we’ve spent hours researching just to provide the best umbrella with overall durability, portability and comfort.

Wear them with lolita-inspired outfits, but don’t sweeten up your look too much with extra frills and ruffles! Take a look at these sun umbrellas that remind us of the Victorian times and stay cool!

Vanilla Skies Parasol $49.99
Love Lace Umbrella £7.00
Fabulous Black Parasol with Beads and Roses $74.99
Lace Parasol, Red $40
Lace Parasol, Purple $40
Beige Lace Parasol £39.50

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