Cheapest Finds of the Week: Silver Shine and Sequin Sparkles

Who doesn’t love a touch of silver at least once in a while? Be it under the form of shiny gray fabrics, glitter or sequins, silver is a must-have in various occasions: when you’re attending a hot party, when you just need that glamour dose or when you simply want to… shine and sparkle!

Just a touch of silver can glam you up, or, why not, your room in an instant – whether you opt for diamante earrings, for a sparkly nail polish or for a sequined pillow for your space, the effect is the same: immediate magic!
Silver may derive from a luxurious metal, but that doesn’t mean that anything silver must be expensive – so check out these amazing finds of the week, all with price tags under $25:
1. Silver knot front dress $9.00
2. Pressed Floral Cuff $4.80
3. Full Front Sequin Top £9.99
4. Diamante Chandelier Earring £7.50
5. Women’s Chelsea Flat $17
6. Silver beaded jewellery box £14
7. Sequin clutch £10
8. Mixed Metal Nailpolish $2.80
9. Sequin Square Dec Pillow $13.50

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