Shine ON! 11 Hot Metallic Picks Under $50!

Copper, gold and silver are all part of the designer collections this season and they make your nighttime and even daytime pieces shine in the crowd! Allow yourself a little ‘look at me’ effect with these hot picks: platform sandals in colorblock metals, bangle sets and hair pieces, shorts, skinny belts and make-up bags, followed by laid back shirts and skintight skirts!

1. Metallic silver shirt blouse £14.99
2. Metallic gold fold skirt jacquard dress £20.00
3. Metallic Patchwork Makeup Bag $30.00
4. Shiny effect top £17.99
5. Miso Bling Toepost Sandal £22.00
6. Metallic golden shorts £29.99
7. Gold Pieces Metallic Jeans Belt £9.00
8. MNG by Mango Textured Bangle Bracelet set $20
9. Gold Metallic Headband $11
10. Metallic colourblock sandals $44.00
11. Metallic Bronze Bodycon Skirt $50.00


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