Sweet Like Candy – 10 Deliciously Colored Picks Under $40

Candy stripe, fun and summery colors in pink, green, yellow and minty hues, deliciously appearing as tempting  treats: this is the Candy Trend for 2012!

Grab your own sugary accessories and look fresh and sweet on warm and hot days: you can pick from sweetly pink bags and lime green clutches, bangle sets in the most savory colors, lemony shorts, ring bling in cute tones and comfy flats.

Here’s the perfect shopping list for you, with items that will delight your wallet:

1. Oversized Stone Pink Ring $12.90
2. 2-pack bracelet £5.99
3. Tie Front Top £20.00
4. Siggi Clutch 20 EUR
5. VALENTINA Heart Ballet Pumps $36.00
6. Blue Candy Stripe Thong $8.00
7. Shorts £14.99
8. Miso Feather Drop Earrings £5.00
9. Pink Bag £12.99
10. Jewelry Fashions Stripe Bangles (Set of 9) $34

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