Animal Print Overload: Leopardy Accessories Under $50!

Leopard print is definitely FUN! This year’s collections heavily include this animal-inspired pattern on all kinds of accessories, ranging from summery flats and shades to rings, bangles, watches, hairpieces and even earrings! And even better: leopard doesn’t always come in the safe brown hues – try out light gray, gold or black and white with hot pink of cobalt blue details!

If you’re a fan of anything jungle, African or simply in search of a spicy print, try out these funky and affordable accessories that don’t go above the $50 mark:

1. Leopard print feather earrings $23.00
2. Coocart Classical Retro Wayfarer Sunglasses $48.00
3. TOUCH – Colored animal print foulard £27.99
4. ASOS Neon and Leopard Plastic Watch $36.36
5. Miso Leopard Headband £4.00
6. Brown tortoise shell print bangle £4.48
7. Leopard Toepost Sandals £22.00
8. Gold Leopard Print Stretch Ring £8.00

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