Celebrity Style: Golden Luxury Under $50

Gold hues look amazingly fabulous and luxurious on the red carpet, especially when worn by always-elegant celebs. But you don’t need to attend a Hollywood event in order to shine and look expensive in this precious color: just pick the right items, wear them with confidence and keep your wallet full and safe!

Here’s a collection of 7 items that will definitely make you sparkle in gold – the best part: they’re all under $50:

1. Karen Sequin Dress $29.99
2. Gold Jessie Sequin Dress from £20.00
3. Metal Clutch Bag $50.00
4. Gold Woven Slinky Necklace £20.00
5. Beyond Rings Rocker Ring $50.00
6. Gold clutch H&M $29.95
7. Glittery Cutout Platform Heel $17.99

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