The Butterfly Effect – 8 Delicate Picks From $6 to $70

Summer dresses work best if paired with delicate little accessories in soft tones – and nothing spells ‘delicate’ better than cute little BUTTERFLIES! As prints, accents or as blings, butterflies match perfectly with any feminine outfit – check out these season’s dresses, rings, bags and even sandals that include the dainty details!

It’s pointless to say NO to butterflies this hot summer, since they come with can’t-resist price tags:

1. Champagne Resin Rhinestone Butterfly Stud Earrings $5.95
2. Cream Butterfly Chiffon Floaty Dress £40.00
3. Butterfly print scarf £15.00
4. Butterfly Print Chiffon Skirt with Sash $32.00
5. Cream butterfly shoulder bag £44.00
6. Butterfly Cut Outs Ladies Sandal $11.99
7. Bronzed by Barse Amazonite Oval Butterfly Ring $51.00
8. Butterfly Rhinestone Stretch Ring $7.50

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