6 Floral Chokers Under 30$


Chokers have been present everywhere in the past year – from catwalks to the city streets and from fashion blogs to trendy magazines… and they show no signs of slowing down in terms of popularity. If you’re already the owner of a small collection that includes classic black chokers made of leather and velvet, then your next shopping spree should include the newest trend: floral chokers!

Bohemian, hippie-inspired, with ethnic motifs, rustic vibes, vintage feels and granola power, floral chokers are here to give an extra element of personality to your daytime outfits – and you can totally wear them with anything from jeans to maxi dresses and from leather jackets to velvet jumpsuits.

Shopping Time: Check out these cute floral chokers under $30, in a gorgeous range of colors:

1. The JONI Floral Folk Choker in White

2. The Floral Rhinestone Faux Leather Choker

3. The VIOLA Wide Floral Choker

4. The Bohemian Embroidered Choker

5. The VIRGINIA Wide Floral Choker

6. The Pink & White Floral Embroidered Choker

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