Shopping Time: Lace Umbrellas 1

“Umbrella” may not be the right term here, considering that we are about to go shopping for some items made of lace (hardly water-proof) – these cute and romantic little thingies are perfectly stylish lace parasols (with one small exception that imitates lace).

Wear them with lolita-inspired outfits, but don’t sweeten up your look too much with extra frills and ruffles! Take a look at these sun umbrellas that remind us of the Victorian times and stay cool!

Vanilla Skies Parasol $49.99

Love Lace Umbrella £7.00

Fabulous Black Parasol with Beads and Roses $74.99

Lace Parasol, Red $40

Lace Parasol, Purple $40

Beige Lace Parasol £39.50

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