How to Wear Joggers: 2 Urban ‘Uniforms’

In the past years, they have made a serious mark in the fashion world – and we don’t even have to wonder why, considering just how comfortable they are. They’re definitely hassle-free, but are they chic? We’re talking about joggers, of course – the active-wear turned street-wear or the lounge-wear turned urban uniform kind of pants. How to wear joggers without looking like you’re heading to the gym? How to wear joggers and look relaxed, yet polished and put together while running errands, shopping or going out with friends – if that’s even possible? Simple! Just follow these fast tips and rock those comfy pants!

Look One:

  1. Opt for joggers in classic black instead of the lighter shades – the color will instantly elevate their pajama-like feel to street-ready levels.
  2. Grab a simple white top and a denim jacket. Grey and other neutrals work just as well as tops.
  3. Wear your favorite white sneakers and complete the look with a black backpack.
  4. The right accessories will elevate the outfit even further, so grab a comfy scarf and a watch and you’re set to go!

Look Two:

  1. Black is the way to go – but if you don’t mind the ‘I just rolled out of bed’ look, then grey joggers will do too.
  2. Pair your black joggers with a striped top in the classic black and white combo.
  3. Grab your favorite leather jacket and a casual-chic shoulder back in a neutral shade, then add low-heeled ankle boots in black.
  4. Complete the look with a patterned scarf and sleek shades.

And just like that, you’ve got two easy to follow, cute and simple solutions to your how to wear joggers fashion problem. Now all you need is to go hunting for the right pieces (either in the shops or in your own closet) and rock these comfy pants with confidence!

Here are some variations of our uniforms above – courtesy of these stylish ladies:

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