Trend Alert: Hippie Accessories and How to Wear Them

Turquoise stones, coral orange, ethnic vibes, rough leather, beaded bracelets and  a strong bohemian feel – in other words: HIPPIE accessories! From tassel earrings to anything turquoise, intricate handmade necklaces and cuffs, strong color combinations with folk symbols, the hippie trend never actually died – and this season, you can opt for a wide range of artistic pieces that can transform your outfit from boring to creative.

Not sure what to choose? Here are a few ideas:

1. Cantina Cross Body $119.00
2. Hand woven friendship bracelet with gold EUR 78.00
3. Samura’s Bohemian Style Turquoise & Coral Chandelier Earrings $38.95
4. Stripe Foldover Wallet $11
5. Carved Leather Wrap Cuff $32.00
6. Liz Larios Jewelry Turquoise Ring $98.00
7. Sharla’s Turquoise Accented Long Red Tassel Earrings $33.95
8. Necklace Wice € 14,98
9. Friendship Bracelet £12.50

How to Wear Hippie Accessories:

1. No need to become an actual hippie to enjoy this trend. In fact, polished + hippie really works! So, go for it and opt for an urban chic outfit and add a touch of rustic and ethnic with a hippie bling.

2. DON’T be afraid to mix prints, patterns, textures and fabrics. Denim and leather are definite favorites; add florals in the mix or pieces with ethnic-inspired graphics, too.

3. DO layers and say ‘hello’ to innovative and unexpected combinations – after all, nothing says ‘modern hippie’ better than an overall eclectic look.

4. Other hippie favorites: flat sandals with straps, fringe bags, long necklaces, colorful scarves.

From our inspiration files:

Mixed prints and layers

Lady in fall colors

Edgy leather and boho denim

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  1. I super like wearing legigngs as pants, f*ck what other people say about that! This outfit looks so comfy, which I am all for.Oh, and I completely forgot that I wanted to reply about your comment on my Nobunny post last week. I thin kI initially found his bunny mask/no pants schtick gross and creepy but now I’m just in love with it. But god forbid he play in his birthday suit when I see him live next month; I’ve heard that he’s known to do that sometimes. Some people just enjoy stage attention and I suppose he gets a thrill out of showing people his unmentionables.


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