Spring 2012 Runway Trends: Love for Pastels

Ever spring season in fashion comes with a wide range of soft tones and feminine colors – and this is particularly true for spring 2012, when pastels are definitely making a big comeback. From pale pinks and barely-there greens to suave blues, peach and cream yellow, this new season will delight you with these cotton-candy-like treats.

Opt for fabrics that flow, that feel great on your skin for that fluid look, be it the case of silk tops, maxi skirts or ultra thin scarves. Here’s a cute selection for you that brings you the best in pastels for this spring:

1. Pastel Square Scarf €159,80
2. Aryn K Womens Double Layer Sequin Blouse – Pink From £39.99
3. Chiffon Bandeau Dress by Rare** £55
4. JACQUES FATH VINTAGE Maxi skirt £132
5. Bacall crinkled-crepe shorts €160
6. Sweet Tarts Retro Blue Gemstone Stretch Bracelet $32.00
7. ASOS Punchout Backpack $68.04
8. ASOS LULA Pastel Color Block Ballet Flats $44.76

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