So Fruity! Fresh Spring Accessories Under $50!

Sweet, sour and always savory – fruits are not only delicious and healthy treats, but also a source of inspiration for accessory designers. Scarves, pins, bags and shoes come under a wide range of shapes and colors this Spring and some of them are even embellished by tempting fruits: from red hot cherries to green apple prints and from shiny strawberries to cocktail-like flats, you can find anything fruity in stores. Wear them as part of young and fresh outfits and enjoy these savory treats!

Here’s a little selection of items that will definitely agree with your budget:

1. TOUCH – Silk scarf £17.99
2. ASOS LONDON Ballet Flats With Fruit Detail $44.76
3. Fruit bag 20 EUR
4. Strawberry Pin $18
5. Black cherry applique purse £18.00
6. Marc Jacobs Oro Cluster Ponys with Fruits 30 €
7. Green apple print skinny scarf $12.00

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