Finger Treats: 9 Turquoise Rings From $5 to $50

Who doesn’t love turquoise? The aqua blue color that sometimes feels green, yet always intense, rough, rustic, yet somehow sophisticated? There are so many ways to wear turquoise, but if you’re a fan of the stone itself, then there’s no better way than as a treat for your fingers: a turquoise ring!

With golden or silver details, embellished by diamond-like details, ethnic and intricate or simply cut, this stone will definitely make a statement on your hand – and it doesn’t even come with a high price!

Here’s a little collection of turquoise rings, all between $5 and $50:

1. Flower Accented Turquoise Stone Cocktail Ring $39.95
2. Shelby Ring $50
3. Gold oversize stone ring £20.00
4. Turquoise Copper and Sterling Silver “Chain” Ring $39.90
5. Unique Ethnic Turquoise&Hollow-out Shield Ring $4.99
6. Aqua Turquoise Stone and Crystal Cocktail Ring $38.50
8. Bronzed by Barse “Jubilee” Turquoise Oval Ring $39.00
9. Turquoise Sedona Ring $20.00

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