Shopping on a Budget: Cobalt Blue Flats Under $50

Flats come in all shapes and forms, but the most versatile ones are definitely the ballet types. And since you’re going safe with the shape, how about opting for a loud and hot color for your feet: Cobalt Blue! They may not be the easiest to match, but they definitely work with jeans and white tops or with miniskirt and chiffon blouses in more toned-down hues.

If cobalt blue appeals to you, make these flats yours:

1. BC Footwear ‘Limousine’ Suede Flat $45
2. G by Guess Shoes, Fleur Flats $49
3. Nectarine – Blue flats $47
4. Kimchi Blue Classic Woven Skimmer $29.00
5. City Classified Quant Twilight Blue Medallion Ballet Flats $18.00


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