Inspiration Files: Purple & Red Office Outfit

Red and purple are definitely not the first colors that come in mind when thinking about office outfits – gray and black take the number one spot. Even more, incorporating two, not one, bright, intense colors in one work-appropriate look is quite challenging. But is it doable? YES!

* Get your inspiration from the ladies in the early 60’s! They used to wear color instead of black too! Even more, their silluettes are always classy, always feminine and super flattering on any type of figure. Pencil skirts with high waists, ankle shoes with medium heels, shirts with slightly puffy sleeves and thin cardigans fit best in this look!

* Make a compromise between your two colors to find a paler nuance to complete your look – a dusty pink is neautral enough and it’s just like mixing red and purple… only several shades lighter.

* Find a pair of shoes that smartly mixes more colors – such a pair is very versatile and won’t look too matchy matchy in a bi-color or tri-color outfit.

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