Inspiration Files: How to Look Dressy in Dusty Pink

Dusty pinks, pale pinks, beige-pinks, dusty corals and grey-ish pinks all work perfectly as veritable nude tones – and yes, you can totally wear them from head to toe, especially if you’re planning to look ultra feminine and all polished for a special occasion.

Clearly, a shade such as this, especially when it comes in combination with lace or precious little fabrics that scream femininity, looks best on a romantic occasion, when spending lots of quality (and slightly fancy / glamorous) time with your loved one. So what should you take into account when going for such a look?

* Don’t go for skintight – dusty pinks looks best when you let them flow and let them create feminine, flowing shapes and volumes.

* Avoid them if you’re skin-tone is… well, dusty pink as well. But definitely embrace this shade if you’re a hot brunette!

* Allow a few extra colors in your almost pink from head-to-toe look: grey, tiny black elements, beige, tan.

* Silk, lace, satin + dusty pink = YES, YES, YES.

* Chandelier earrings will give you an extra Lolita vibe and make you look like a contemporary princess!

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  1. Wow Pretty in Pink pretty darugtehs and equally beautiful Mom Ganda talaga ng blend when East meets west pwede sa baby commercial ang baby mo sis


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