Color of the Week: Turquoise – 10 Picks Under $40!

Call it sea green, aqua, Tiffany Blue or simply… amazing blue-green, TURQUOISE is one hot color this season and it comes under all shapes and forms, from decor items to accessories, shoes and clothes. The reason? Turquoise has the capacity to lighten up any space and any look – and you definitely need a dosage of blue brightness in your life!

Get your own turquoise item this week from this cute list, especially since all the products are under $40:

1. Flower earrings £25.00
2. Mumbai zip case $30
3. Cow money box £18.00
4. Turquoise clutch $35.80
5. Lace panties $24
6. Oval ring $12
7. Platform pumps $23.80
8. Crochet top $28
9. Heart watch £20.00
10. Pillar holder $12.95

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