Zig Zag It Up! Colorful Chevron Picks From $10 to $43

Chevron patterns are omnipresent on decorative pillows these days, but it seems that the funky zig-zags have conquered the fashion trends, too. And since such a joyful graphic print can’t look as fun in drab colors like greys and blacks, take a look at this rainbow-like collection of items, all stamped by the famous chevron. From bi-colored clutches to multi-hued cuffs, cropped tops, earrings and scarves, this print is surely making rounds this Spring.

Get your own chevron patterned item, especially since you can find these colorful treats with less than $50:

1. Wkshp Chevron Crop Tank $20
2. Blue chevron vest / tank £10.00
3. Chevron stripe scarf $10
4. Beaded Chevron Statement Stretch Bracelet $10
5. Chevron Beaded Clutch $24.80
6. Yellow chevron clutch Etsy $25
7. Orange Chevron Drop Earrings $43.00

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