Plain & Simple Part 2

Plain and Simple Part 2
Remember our last chic plain & simple mini-guide?

Plain & simple is the way to go when you just don’t want to look like you’re trying too hard to look stylish. Need some tips on how to get that effortless chic look? Let’s see:

1. Fancy fabrics soetimes whisper “high maintenance”. And too much “fanciness” is the opposite of simply chic. So give comfortable fabrics a try and opt for linen and cotton – feel free to add a little lace in the mix (but not the overly-delicate one).

2. Keep it nude. White, ivory, grey, beige and cream… they all work out perfectly in the plain & simple concept. Feel free to add just a bit of color if you need a super happy touch.

3. The chic detail – some clothes and some accessories have that little something called “I don’t know what” that makes them so… stylish. A fallen shoulder, a casual and comfy cardigan that says “hug me” or a pair of flat, basic boots have great potentials in this category.

There you are: 3 plain & simple rules for you to make you effortlessly chic!

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