Pink Fun in the Snow – Warm Finds Under $40

You’ve got to admit it: pink and white work like magic together! But no, we aren’t talking about a girlie outfit in these two colors – more like hot pink in bright white snow! Stay warm and comfy while playing in the snow with these sweet items: from yeti bots to cute knitted mittens and from puffy ear muffs to furry hats.

Check out these warm finds for less than $50 and get your own fun and vibrantly colored pink winter essentials:

1. Faux Fur Ear Muffs $3.90
2. ASOS Suede Gloves $35.81
3. Knitted Geo Trapper Hat $12.46
4. Nikki Knit Tupe Scarf €28.38
5. Pink pineapple faux fur yeti boots £28.00
6. Pink mittens $25


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