Orange Dress & Golden Sandals – Low Budget VS Mega Budget

Orange Dress & Golden Sandals

Some outfits can look very expensive without even reaching 150$ – example: check out the left look that includes a hot orange dress, black and golden sandals and a glittery golden clutch! Now move to the right and admire the same look, in its ultra expensive version.

Left outfit: $123
Right outfit: $4364

Make smart choices, opt for items that look posh and keep your wallets full! Here are the items found in these looks:

Mango £44.99 Dreaped detailing dress
Lanvin $3095 Ruched Wrap Dress

Nordtrom $10 Under One Sky Box Clutch
Anya Hindmarch €410 Marano glitter-finish box clutch
Dorothy Perkins $44 navy gold sandals

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