Inspiration Files: How Red and Yellow Still Work Together

A few seasons ago, red and yellow were a match made in fashion universe – a perfect, vivid, hot match! Solid red coats were worn with colorful sunny tights and hot yellow jackets with fiercely red skirts.

In case you’ve fallen in love with this color combination, you might need a few tips on how to wear it… regardless of what fashion dictates. Today’s inspiration file: How Red and Yellow Still Work Together:

* Red and yellow aren’t black and white, that’s for sure. They’re not a classic pair and they’re not a versatile color palette. Solid black works perfectly with print-less white at all times, but we can definitely not say the same thing about our hot color choices right here. So think prints! Imagine: 2 vibrantly warm colors, combined in a… bohemian or ethnic print. It works perfectly!

* Find a safe base color. Black is always an option, and so are beige tones. Avoid adding one more “look-at-me!” color in your combo, you might be confused with a rainbow.

* Color your accessories! Yet again, let’s avoid solid reds and yellows. Opt for more tones to create a not so matchy-matchy look, but an artistic, painting-inspired outfit.

* Glam up your boho look with some vintage (or even vintage-looking) jewelry. Rusted metals, black-ish silvers, coppers and antique-like pieces will complete your fashiony creation.


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