Daily Look: Casual Orange and Denim Flavors

Casual doesn’t equal plain jeans and a grey top, that’s for sure! In this modern look, you get the best of many worlds: you’ve got color, you’ve got African inspiration (giraffe print, wood), you’ve got denim, a touch of gold (bag), different prints and lots of comfort! The denim fabric perfectly tones down the hot orange, the sandals combine all the tones of your outfit and the bag upgrades it just a bit.

Wear this outfit while running errands in the city, shopping or going out for brunch & lunch!

Sheena’s Giraffe Print Wood Fashion Bangle $23
Soft Metallic Acrylic Bangle $17.00
F1615 Sunglasses $5.80
Curations Tapestry-Design Tote with Removable Key Chain $70
Linen-knit dress by American Retro Now $95
Francesea Ethnic Cuff Sandals £30.00

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