Daily Bohemian & Chic Look: Ethnic Vibes, Aztec Flavors

If you’re into outfits that carry that bohemian ethnic vibe, then you’ll live this year’s Aztec trend. From slouchy tops with graphic prints in warm tones to rings with the same graphic elements in golden hues, you can pick your favorite Aztec-flavored items and build a casual, chic and bohemian outfit around it.

Case and point: the above look, that combines a printed top with a calf-length skirt in a poppy red tone, high platform brown sandals with a retro vibe and rough edges, a fringe bag, a wooden bangle set with golden touches and a very versatile beige leather jacket. Effortless, cool, ethnic and vibrant – build this outfit with these lovely items:

Sustainable Aztec Print Slouch Top £55.00
Vans Fringed Up Cross-Body Purse $34
Two Marble Bangle Set $8.50
Skirt – Flowy €45.25
H&M Jacket £29.99
T-bar elastic belt $23.00
Report Samara Sandal $79.95
Low Luv by Erin Wasson Aztec Finger Ring in Gold $49.00

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