How to Wear Leggings: 6 Recipes for Chic Outfits

Who doesn’t own a pair of leggings? They’re extremely comfortable, they’re usually flattering, super versatile and easy to ‘grab & go out the door’. But are they just ‘too casual’? Too ‘comfort before style’? Or can they be the base of fabulous outfits that combine chic and comfort? Can they be upgraded with the right pieces and look… expensive? Here are a few new recipes on how to wear this basic in 6 very different ways:

Recipe 1 – Flowy Daytime Chic: Leggings + Kaftan + Flat Pumps + Bohemian Scarf
Recipe 2 – Earthy Polished Retro: Leggings + Short Dress + Platform Ankle Boots + Retro Jacket
Recipe 3- Comfy Winter Mint: Leggings + Long Sweater + Long Coat + Long Flat Boots
Recipe 4 – Casual Bohemian Chic: Leggings + Casual Shirt + Cardigan + Chunky Platforms
Recipe 5 – Bussiness Glam Gal: Leggings + Long Silk Blouse + Blazer + Peep-toe Heels
Recipe 6 – Young, Hip & Fresh: Leggings + T-Shirt + Short Denim Jacket + Flat Boho Sandals


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