Fairy Dresses Under $155 and Their Perfect Accessories Under $50

Looking like a princess is every girl’s dream (and that’s usually reserved for the wedding day) but looking like a fairy must come as a close second. Whether you’re going to your prom, to a ultra romantic date, to a wedding reception or to a vintage-inspired party, these dresses will definitely delight you with their magical spark and fairytale looks.

How can you recognize a fairy dress? Look for these feminine qualities: embellished with sparkly details or with beautiful flowers, made of chiffon and light silks, in the most suave colors, such as white, cream, pale peach or powder pink. Opt for garments that hug your bust, then fall in delicate pleats and waves, like these beauties below:

Cream rose corsage dress $59.00
Fever London Ivy silk dress nude 115.90 €
Ballerina Flower Dress $130.00  
Chiffon Mullet Hem Dress by Rare £65.00

Such beautiful dresses definitely need equally lovely accessories, so say ‘YES’ to lace, glitter, sequins, all neutrals in shiny and matte finishes, silver, gold and pearly ivory- here’s a little collection meant to inspire you when opting for that complete ‘out of a fairytale’ look – and even better, all items are under $50:

Pair 1 heels and clutch
Pair 2 heels and clutch
Pair 3 heels and clutch
Pair 4 heels and clutch

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