Daily Look: Floral Dress & Warm Cardigan Outfit

Combine seasons in this pretty outfit – mix light, summery fabrics and springy prints with warm and thick cardigans.

But don’t stop the mix & match game there! Combine brown earthy tones with colorful red and purple accents and wear your season mix confidently and happily!

Here’s what you need to create the above look:

Forever 21 Broad Square Ring $5.80
M-butterfly Floral Neck Low Waist Colourful Dress £ 22.00
Forever 21 System Heels $26.80
Flap shoulder bag YesStyle Price US$58.00
Carved Flower Bangle $7.00
Purple 60 denier opaque tights Now £3.20
Linked Color Bangle $5.80
Chunky Panel Cardi Oasis $33

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