Trend Alert: Neutrals From Head To Toe

An all-black outfit is an easy goal – just in one flattering color, you can look chic and utterly sophisticated. But when it comes to creating an all neutral outfit, things may be a little beet more challenging. You don’t want to end up looking like your grandma’s living-room and you don’t want to end up looking too matchy matchy either. So here are a few fast tips on how to create a head-to-toe neutral look:

1. There are lots of neutrals out there – but if you look closely, you will see that every single neutral includes a small portion of one of the basic colors: purple, orange, grey, pink and so on. Well, don’t be afraid to mix these up – pick 2 different neutral tones for your look, then add a bit of white as a base.

2. Since you’re already going soft with the color palette, go bold on mixing prints and patterns – go for different textures as well and mix thick and warm fabrics with delicate lace skirts or feminine tops.

3. Keep the tone of your look romantic and feminine – neutrals aren’t masculine colors by definition, so include extra sweetness in your look: crystals, hearts, princess-like A-line skirts or florals.

4. Glam up your look with soft golden or silver tones – grab a few acessories that upgrade your outfit, without creating too much contrast with it’s delicate vibe.


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