Inspiration Files: Yellow Coats

Get your hot color on in the cold season!

What’s better than a warm, vivid yellow to brighten your cold and grey winter days?

Paired stylishly with classic black, greys and nudes, with dressy dresses or with skirts and shirts, long and short yellow coats can look fabulous, young and fresh!

Tips on how to find the perfect yellow winter coat:

  • Get the ones that have black, golden or silver buttons – the yellow coats that come with matchy plastic yellow buttons can be a little overwhelming.
  • Create outfits in your head before purchasing it. Bright sunny yellow is hard to match – make sure you’ve got enough pieces in your closet that go with the selected nuance.
  • Keep it above the knee – longer yellow coats are, well, very yellow and that may be a challenge. You can easily tone down a shorter coat with a black skirt.

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