Call it pastel purple, dusty lavender or simply lilac… but the next Fall, you’ll definitely be wearing it! From long evening gowns to hats and from cocktail dresses to heels and platforms, 2012 announces that the all-lavender look is very IN. Since it’s not too bold or too loud and it’s a hue that’s relatively related to neutrals, dare to wear it from head to toe!

Designers seem to love this violety shade more than ever and if you do too, start building your lilac wardrobe with a few very affordable and chic pieces:

1. Lipsy  One Sleeve Dress £19.00
2. Pink star print chiffon dress $49.00
3. Lilac crochet flower dress $44.00
4. Petite Washed Heart Vest $32.00
5. Lavender Sandies Top $44.99
6. Shades Sam White by Jeepers Peepers € 12,48
7. ASOS Pyramid Metal Tip Clutch $26.86