Daily Look: 7-Piece Color-Block Orange, Black and White for $160 1

Looking 100% stylish on a budget can be a challenge at times, but not if you manage to pick the right pieces that look (but are not) expensive. Here’s one example: take a vividly colored orange coat with scalloped details and combine it with a still-in-trend color-block dress that add a desaturated black & white touch, then go for a shiny black bag with golden finishes and for a high suede platform bootie.

Final details: break the color-block monotony with a pastel coral scarf with a sweet bird print and add a golden spark on your finger and you’re all ready to enjoy your hot urban look!

Orange scallop minimal coat $35.00
Skater Striped Dress £22.00
Black tights $16.00
Black platform boots £20.00
Ring £3.99
Structured Crossbody $19.80
Coral bird print skinny scarf $12.00


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