There are some things that girls just love and one of them comes under tiny glossy sparkles in shades of silver, gold or pink that brighten our days and looks: GLITTER! The recipe is simple: add this magical dust on anything and you get instant glow, be it on your nails, fingers, hair or feet!

Polishing yourself with a a little help from glitter doesn’t imply owning a big, fat wallet – in fact, some of the most sparkling items you can find come with fabulous prices: under $10! Take a look:

1. 2x Glitter Flower Hairbands £4.00
2. Glittered Bangle Set $6.80
3. Glitter nail color $3
4. ASOS Glitter Pastel Ring $7.16
5. Skinny Glitter Belt $7.00
6. Women’s Glitter Flower Stretch Ring $10
7. Glitter platform pumps $10
8. Glitter powder $3
9. Under One Sky Box Clutch $10