Decor Trends: Coral Inspiration - 6 Finds Under $170 1

Coral is a hit color in fashion this Spring, but its popularity also reached the decorative world. This season, you can find anything coral-colored or coral-shaped, from decorative pillows to glass bowls that imitate the beautiful marine animals and from candles to lamps.

If you love the beachy spaces and are tempted to try a marine-inspired makeover for your room, then these items are a definite must-see:

1. Coral Lamp $125
2. Red Coral Needlepoint Pillow $65
3. Etsy Handmade White Reef Embroidered Pillow Cover $22
4. Red Coral and Brown Cord Pillow $166.00
5. Michael Aram ‘Ocean Coral’ Soy Wax Candle $60
6. Etsy handmade Art Glass Decorative Sea Coral Bowl $58


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