The ombre trend is still IN and kicking – and it’s definitely more than just pretty locks in dégradé shades. If you love the look, then there is a simple way to incorporate it in your home: with the help of modern ombre rugs. Whether they come in neutral shades, warm greys, ocean blues or even cotton candy hues, ombre rugs can make a great impact and stylistic statement in any space. Here’s a curated collection of rugs that can definitely transform any space into a modern-chic oasis.

1. The Teal Paintbox Rug

This beauty might come at a higher price, but we must admit that it is truly stunning – the effortless way the shades blend, the stunning turquoise hue and the overall cloud-like effect are all mesmerizing.

2. The Blue Moon Wool/Viscose Woven Rug

When it comes to ombre rugs, the range is truly wide: from rustic styles to glam designs, they’re all there, waiting to complete your space by creating a gorgeous visual focal point. This grey-blue piece is on the rustic side, perfect for a space that blends different styles.

3. Ombre Bernetta Rug in Pink

If you love making a color statement, yet you’re not fully committed to opting for a solid fuchsia rug, then this ombre rug in pink shades is the perfect compromise.

4. The Blue Arctic Ombre

For a more playful version of the ombre trend, check out this bright mermaid-like area rug in shades of blue, perfect for a nursery or a kids’ room.

5. The Eberson Modern Rug

This rich and silky rug is a more subtle representation of the ombre trend, but equally impactful – with its jewel tone shade and velvet-like texture, this piece is a true stunner meant to be seen and cherished.

6. The Safavieh Retro Modern Abstract Rug

If you thought that ombre rugs come in rectangular shades only, then check out this round-shaped beauty: with its neutral tones and subtle rock-like textured look, it is meant to live in a space that needs a little pizzazz.

7. The Ombré Outdoor Rug in Aqua

Subtle, delicate and light – this ombre rug comes in a soft blue shade that works almost like a neutral – a versatile, easy to match piece you’ll love for a long time.