Heart-Shaped Valentine's Day Gifts Under $50    1

Hearts for Valentine’s Day may be a famous cliche, but only when you’re thinking heart-shaped chocolate boxes and pink lingerie with hearty prints – definitely not with these fun objects! Think outside the (chocolate) box and go for innovative items this year that still say L O V E out loud, yet in a more creative manner and for a very affordable price! Here are our choices:

$24.00 Heart and Bow Printed Tights Set of 2 – Bluefly

£30.00 Red Heart Trim Backpack – Topshop

$27.27 Shimmer Twins Red Cluster Heart Lashes – ASOS

€13.60 Violent Lips Temporary Lip Appliques – HQ Hair

$48.00 Viva La Juicy Solid Perfume and Necklace – Neiman Marcus

£6.50 Green Tea Hearts – Harrods

£12.00 Chunky Knit Red Heart Slipper Boots – Monsoon

$49 Heart Pillow red and White – Room and Board

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