Spring 2012 Runway Trends: Peplum Tops, Skirts and Dresses

Spring 2012 Runway Trends: Peplum Tops, Skirts and Dresses   runway trends

Spring 2012 runway shows featured everything from pastels to metallic, but when it came to shapes and structures, many designers thought alike: peplum! These wavy overskirt details definitely enhance a boring and simple cut in an instant – from peplum skirts to tops and short or mid-length dresses, these fun and flirty items can spice up your look, be it your daytime or nighttime one.

Check out this selection of peplum garments and have your pick:

1. Black belted peplum skirt $29.00
2. Eternal Flame of Love Skirt $42.99
3.’PinUp’ Red High Waisted Peplum Galaxy Skirt 80EUR
4. Alice & Olivia Ella Peplum Tee With Zip $105.60
5. Aqua Claudia Structured Peplum Mini Dress $241.72


Spring 2012 Runway Trends: Peplum Tops, Skirts and Dresses   runway trends

Spring 2012 Runway Trends: Peplum Tops, Skirts and Dresses   runway trends
Spring 2012 Runway Trends: Peplum Tops, Skirts and Dresses   runway trends Spring 2012 Runway Trends: Peplum Tops, Skirts and Dresses   runway trends Spring 2012 Runway Trends: Peplum Tops, Skirts and Dresses   runway trends Spring 2012 Runway Trends: Peplum Tops, Skirts and Dresses   runway trends Spring 2012 Runway Trends: Peplum Tops, Skirts and Dresses   runway trends


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